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Original Magic by David Penn - The Tech Magician

I am really proud to say that I have created a lot of original magic as a close-up magician, illusionist and tech magician.

Some of my effects include a well known coin bending effect that has been purchased by David Blaine and Dynamo and Mystery Solved which has been used on television by top professionals all over the world.

People ask me all the time “can you patent a magic effect?”. Well it is very difficult but luckily 99% of the magic community is very respectful of the creative process. For example I have created effects that I use in my performance as a Tech Magician that I am not planning to sell EVER!

One is my own reworking of the deck turning clear within the spectator’s own hands. After a phone is placed on top of the deck. The spectator witnesses the phone seemingly become translucent so they can see the cards through the phone. The whole image then glitches to changes to a clear block. It looks incredible! Ironically, the day after I first uploaded a video of Omni Tech to my social media a magician posted in a well known magic forum - The Magic Cafe, asking where they could buy the app. Some people do perceive it to be that simple to add something new to their act.

Other effects I have created include my tech version of double cross. I take a picture of the spectator’s hand and the photography is displayed on the phone screen. I then draw a cross on the spectator’s palm. The cross is removed from their palm and visible dropped into the digital image. it than vanishes and appears on their other hand that has been closed the entire time.

I have shown enough people these effects (who I trust) to protect my intellectual copyright as much as possible. Im lucky enough to mix with other top magician’s at The Magic Circle and I have the opportunity to show these unique ideas to people like Tom London, Wayne Fox and Sean Heydon and know that they would never want to copy my creativity. These are leading professionals too busy working on their own material.

If someone were to copy these effects (and if they do please let me know) what happens? Speaking from experience, Jamie Allan a friend of mine, that I have known for many years had one of his signature routines stolen by another performer. We published a post on Facebook and tagged in many leading performers and creators from all over the world. As a result of being totally embarrassed by the error of his ways the performer agreed to stop performing and destroy all copies of the effect with immediate affect.

The only way to guarantee seeing original magic performed at your event is to book reputable performers that are genuinely trying to move things forward.

Thank you for reading :-)

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