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Tech Magician In London

This week I was invited to to help them celebrate three years in business. IDEALondon is located in the heart of London's Tech City, run by Cisco, UCL Engineering and EDF Energy. They host 50+ Start Ups, they have raised over 40 million pounds in funding and created over 400 new jobs.

The event was a private party for invited guests from the in house start ups and industry experts that enjoyed some great interactive entertainment and experiences including trying out the latest virtual reality headsets.

I was booked as a magician to perform mix and mingle Tech Magic with iPhones and iPads. People thought of cards and then wiped away the iPad screen to reveal an image of their choice. Objects materialised on the iPad screen in the digital world before being produced by magic. I demonstrated my own tech start up with my tongue firmly in my cheek as we discussed the evolution of the lightbulb. The guests merely thought which lights they would like to eliminate and as if the chip inside my device was wirelessly collected to their minds, the correct coloured bulb lit up.

It was great to see a CISCO Spark Board again! I spent so much time with this product last month when I travelled to Bangkok, Dallas and Madrid using Tech Magic to demonstrate the amazing utilities this amazing device has to offer. After designing unique performance routines for this item and presenting it hundreds of delegates I couldn't help but smile when I found one pride of place in my performance area id IDEALondon.

Tech Magic works so well in a drinks reception situation. You don’t need any special performance areas. You simply mix in with the people as they enjoy their party.

I have made little video to document my time at this event and this can be viewed by clicking on the link below. Thanks to AliveNetwork and all the team at IDEALondon.

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